CFZ Electronic Documentation System

The Colon Free Zone (CFZ) electronic documentation system is a web-based application that enables freight forwarders, customs brokers, importers and exporters to file all their documentation to the CFZ Administration and the Panama Customs electronically from the comfort of their office.

The electronic documentation system can also be interfaced with other stakeholders such as the Chamber of Commerce and banks for data sharing and/or approvals. The system eliminates the use of paper documents and brings convenience to the users with access any time, anywhere.

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Development of CFZ

Second largest free trade zone in the world

Panama boasts the largest free zone in the Americas and the second largest free zone in the world - the Colon Free Trade Zone. Located at the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal, the Colon Free Zone has access to three mega-ports in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific

The government of Panama has established the Colon Free Zone as an autonomous institution. The administration of this institution is operated and managed by its board of directors, an executive committee, and the general manager of the institution.

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Published 03/06/2020

Meeting of the team of directors with the Manager Giovanni Ferrari. We evaluate the budget for the operation and improvement of the Free Zone and investment projects, taking care of security and distancing measures ....

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Published 30/05/2020

In the Colon Free Zone, we celebrate our Afro-descendant roots, following health recommendations. These are some illustrious Afro-Colombian colonists who contributed to the country ...

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